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October 23, 2020

The Quick and Easy Way to Make a Disposable PPE Kit to Keep You Safe

A personal protective equipment kit is always essential to have on you, so here are the steps on how to make the best one today!

In the world we’re living in today with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there’s nothing more important than making sure that you’re protected and safe. Getting sick is normal, but the coronavirus can be deadly depending on if you have preexisting health conditions, and your symptoms can range anywhere from mild to extreme. Some people are also asymptomatic to the virus, which can be a danger to the people that are around them. To not only protect yourself from the threat of a deadly virus, you should also be looking out for your loved ones, and even just the people around you whenever you’re out and about.

Disposable PPE Kit

This is when a handy disposable personal protective equipment kit, or a PPE kit for short, saves the day! A PPE kit can consist of many useful items that will keep you protected and safe from contracting any illnesses from everyday objects, or even to prevent airborne droplets from landing on you that happen as a result of someone sneezing, coughing, or even talking to or near you. It’s essential to stay healthy, and we want to help you do so with a disposable PPE kit today! 

What is a PPE Kit?

Educate yourself on what one is to protect yourself and others

Make yourself a personal protective equipment kit (PPE) to keep you healthy from the spread of the coronavirus. 

A PPE kit, or a personal protective equipment kit is specialized clothing or equipment to protect yourself from coming in contact with any infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and so much more. While a PPE kit is usually characterized as something that many employees have to protect themselves while they’re working a job where they could come in contact with a lot of questionable and dangerous chemicals, radiation, and more, it is important to make your own PPE as well during this time.

During the pandemic, it is essential that you have a PPE kit with you at all times, and sometimes the best ones are disposable ones. From including particular face masks, hand sanitizing wipes, and much more, you can keep yourself safe whether you’re on the go, or just feel better about having a disposable PPE kit with items that you can easily throw away after a single use. We know that you want a second opinion about what to properly put in your disposable PPE kit, and Get Go has you covered!

The Proper Items to Put Into Your Disposable PPE Kit

Make sure to stay safe with the essential items to not only help protect yourself, but others as well!

From face masks, latex gloves, and sanitizing wipes, there are many different items that you can get for your own PPE.

When making your own PPE kit, there are a lot of items that can go in it to keep you protected from the coronavirus, and other illnesses that can greatly affect you and others. From disposable face masks, sanitizing wipes, gloves, and so much more, you’re on your way to a healthier and happier life! Here are some of the best items that Get Go recommends for your disposable PPE kit.

1. Buy Some Resealable Plastic Bags

When we say resealable plastic bags, we’re talking about Ziploc bags, or even an off brand resealable bag that you can store all of your disposable PPE items in. Investing in these is perfect so when you throw out your disposable PPE kit, you can throw it out along with the bag. Using a new plastic storage bag every single time will help you to avoid coming in contact with viruses, or even harmful bacteria when taking it on the go, and it protects your new disposable items from coming in contact with harmful contagions. 

2. Disposable Face Masks

The number one most essential thing that you need as of right now is a face mask. With the nationwide mask mandate, it is important to have one on you at all costs and it is essential to have one in your disposable PPE kit. Face masks help to keep you and others safe by preventing the spread of tiny droplets that you expel from sneezing, coughing, or even talking. If you want to get a face mask that is disposable that you can throw out after each use, consider surgical face masks. These masks are great because they provide protection from others around you that may have the virus, and it also helps to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Make sure disposable surgical face masks are one of your top items to put in your PPE kit today!

3. Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are a necessity when it comes to a disposable PPE kit because they help protect your hands from coming in contact with bacteria and viruses that you can easily spread to your face, and more specifically, your eyes, nose, and mouth. When shopping, pumping gas, or even touching credit card machines, latex gloves will help you to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and other deadly diseases and viruses that can easily be transmitted from one person to the next. Although they might seem strange to wear doing basic activities every day, they will help protect you and others in the long run, but remember to always practice good hand washing techniques as well. 

4. Sanitizing Wipes

We firmly believe that sanitizing wipes are the best possible solution when touching dirty or contaminated objects whenever you’re out and about. Although they might be hard to come across, if you can find them, snatch them up, especially if they come wrapped individually. Sanitizing wipes are perfect for cleaning surfaces that you are going to touch whenever you’re out in public, like wiping down your shopping card, door handles, the steering wheel in your car, and so much more. These are a must when it comes to your PPE package, so make sure to purchase some as soon as possible. 

Reminders for Staying Clean and Healthy

Follow these tips and tricks to ensure your safety at all costs

Stay clean and protected by washing your hands, sneezing or coughing on the inside of your elbow, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces often. 

There are lots of different ways to make sure that you keep yourself safe and healthy. From washing your hands, to sneezing into your arms, and so much more, you should be helping to save the lives of many others around you to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus. 

1. Practice Good Hand Washing Techniques

Hand washing has always been a crucial skill that is important to learn early on in life. By rubbing your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds, you can help get rid of harmful germs that could infect you and others around you. Make sure to always wash your hands before and after handling food, after sneezing or coughing, and always try to avoid touching your face before washing your hands. Perfected hand washing techniques can ensure that you will be safe and healthy!

2. Sneeze or Cough on the Inside Your Elbow

Sneezing or coughing is something that we all do, but it can spread tiny droplets containing germs that can be harmful to the people around you. Whenever you’re sneezing or coughing, make sure to sneeze or cough on the inside of your elbow. Even if you sneeze or cough into a tissue, these droplets can carry through the tissue and contaminate your hands as soon as your start touching objects. Make sure to always sneeze or cough on the inside of your elbow to keep others safe!

3. Clean and Disinfect Surfaces You Use Frequently

One of the last tips that we have for you is to always and frequently disinfect and clean surfaces that you use every day. From kitchen counters, to door handles, toilets, and even light switches, places like these can build up with many germs that can cause harm to you or a loved one that you live with, or even a roommate and it’s important to keep everyone around you safe. By taking disinfect wipes or any other alcohol based product, make sure to clean and wipe down surfaces that you commonly touch to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and many other illnesses. 

4. Wear Your Face Mask Over Your Nose and Mouth

Face masks are essential when it comes to not only your health, but others around you. Your mask creates a barrier to prevent the spread of germs from you or others through sneezing, coughing, or talking. It is crucial that your mask goes over both your mouth and your nose to not only make sure these droplets aren’t entering your mouth, but that you aren’t breathing them in either through your nose. 

Even with the rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world, we know that everyone wants to get back to normal. By making your own personal protective equipment kit, or PPE for short, you can have all the essentials that you need to keep you safe and healthy when travelling outside of your home. Let’s help get back to normal with your own disposable PPE kit to keep everyone safe!


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