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November 6, 2020

Stay Safe This Holiday Season With Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With the COVID-19 pandemic prevalent right now, it is important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during holiday gatherings with PPE!

With the holiday season right around the corner, we know that you are desperate to see your loved ones, but sadly, things might look a little different this year. Instead of the usual large family gatherings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday during the months of November and December, they might have to be narrowed down due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 has changed a lot about how we gather since the announcement of the pandemic back in March, but it shouldn’t deter you from spending time with your family during the holiday season. With personal protective equipment (PPE), it can be doable for you to see and spend time with your family. While it is advised to take caution and refrain from large gatherings, you can still follow these rules and see family with the use of PPE to keep you all safe.

What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

It is important to know what items qualify as essential during the COVID-19 crisis!

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is essential to keeping you and your loved ones safe during the holiday season with COVID-19 still prevalent.

There are some essential items that are important and necessary to have during the COVID-19 pandemic, and these items are considered to be personal protective equipment, or PPE for short. PPE is a kit full of items to keep you safe from harmful bacteria, viruses, diseases, chemicals, and so much more. Typically PPE is used in the workplace for specific jobs where employees can come in contact with harmful substances, but it can also be items that keep you safe from everyday bacteria and viruses as well.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE that is recommended are face masks that cover both your mouth and nose, clean, nonsterile gloves, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, a face shield, and anything else to keep you safe from contracting the virus. The CDC also recommends to clean and disinfect surfaces that you use every day, practice social distancing, practice proper handwashing, cover your coughs or sneezes, and to monitor your health daily. 

Top PPE to Use During Holiday Gatherings

Get Go ranks the top PPE to keep you and your family safe during the holidays!

While it’s important to keep in contact and spend the holidays with your family, it is also important to take the proper steps and precautions to ensure your safety and your family’s. Image courtesy of AgriLife Today. 

There’s no better way than to spend the holidays than with your family and friends, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, things can look a little bit different. While we know that you want to see your family, it is important to practice social distancing and even self-quarantine for two weeks before seeing your family to protect yourself and them. With the use of PPE, spending the holidays with your family can be successful and safe at the same time.

If you want to spend the holidays with your loved ones this year, we’re here to help you with recommending the top PPE items to purchase and have on you at all times. PPE is essential now more than ever, and keeping your loved ones safe, along with yourself is important during the global COVID-19 crisis.

1. Face Masks

There’s nothing better to help you fight off the COVID-19 virus and keep you and your family members safe during the holiday season than a face mask. Although simple, face masks are proven to help reduce transmission of tiny droplets that you, or others can release from sneezing, coughing, or even talking. 

Face masks are great for public settings, or places where social distancing is difficult. Placing your face mask over your mouth and nose is essential to protecting you and your loved ones during the holiday season. Practice social distancing and wearing a face mask at holiday gatherings at all times, except for when you are eating to ensure a safe gathering that is still fun!

2. Hand Sanitizer

Proper hand washing is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning how to properly wash your hands for twenty seconds is important in reducing the amount of bacteria and viruses are transferred from one area to the next. When hand washing isn’t available, the next best thing is hand sanitizer. 

Hand sanitizer is perfect to keep your hands clean from bacteria and viruses that can easily be transmitted through touching common surfaces, and other contaminated areas. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with at least a 60% alcohol level to ensure that your hands are being protected from harmful germs. Having a pocket hand sanitizer, or even a big bottle of hand sanitizer for everyone to use is perfect for easy access and constant sanitation.

Go Care Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

3. Nonsterile Gloves

Gloves are great when it comes to handling social gatherings this holiday season with your family or friends. While it isn’t necessary to wear them the entire time you’re at a gathering because they can actually contribute to transferring germs to other surfaces or people, it is important to wear them while handling food. 

If you’re planning on having large serving bowls filled with tasty holiday goodies, such as turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, casseroles, and more, it is important to wear gloves while grabbing food and putting it on your plate. If gloves aren’t readily available to everyone, consider having one person being the designated food server to ensure the safety of everyone before and after eating.

4. Antibacterial Wipes

If you can get your hands on them, there is nothing more essential to have than antibacterial wipes. Even if you can’t get them, you can also just use a disinfectant spray, or bleach, but these are all perfect to keep your surfaces clean and free from germs before your guests come over and to ensure a proper clean up afterwards. 

Antibacterial wipes are perfect to use when cleaning surfaces that you know you or your family members will be touching a lot throughout your get together. They help to eliminate bacteria and viruses as soon as it comes in contact with the surface and they even help to prevent fungi from forming and kill pathogens. 

5. Antibacterial Soap

We are almost positive that everyone has soap in their bathrooms and kitchen, but it is essential to have some antibacterial soap at all times. Soap is perfect when practicing proper hand washing hygiene and it is important to have when guests are coming over to eat. Washing your hands before eating and even after eating are essential during the holiday season to enjoy some delicious food during the get together, but to also make sure you are safe and not spreading germs around you.

Hand washing is essential to the health and safety of you and your family members. Germs easily spread when you touch your face, eat food or drink anything before washing your hands, touching contaminated surfaces, and also from blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. Washing your hands for twenty before and after handling food, and even before and after eating is essential to keep you and your loved ones safe this holiday season. 

Other Recommendations to Keep You Safe During the Holidays

What else can you do to ensure that you or someone you love won’t catch COVID-19?

Keeping you and your loved ones safe during the holiday season is essential in order to participate in gatherings with friends and family. Image courtesy of WLUC. 

When it comes to COVID-19, there’s no messing around and the same goes for keeping your family members safe. For the holiday season, PPE is essential, but what about other precautions that you can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Well, we have a few suggestions to keep you and your loved ones safe, but still have a good time this holiday season!

1. Social Distancing

It is important even if it is family you live with, or even family you haven’t seen for a while to social distance. This means staying six feet apart when talking, eating, and much more to have little physical contact as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing also prevents the spread of tiny droplets that can be distributed by sneezing, coughing, and even talking to further protect you and your family this holiday season.

2. Stay Home If Sick

If you’re feeling under the weather, even if you’re not having COVID-19 symptoms, it is important to stay home. Being sick and surrounding yourself with the people you love can put them at risk as well for catching COVID-19. If it makes it easier, keep your gatherings at a minimum too to prevent further spread of the virus!

COVID-19 is something to be concerned about this holiday season, but we also know that you want to be able to spend time with your family members and friends too. With using the proper personal protective equipment, or PPE, social distancing, and being consistent with cleaning and sanitation, you can make the holidays happen even during a pandemic.


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